There’s Only One Colour You Need This Month

Paint Chip Blue April

There’s only one colour you need this April.

Boycott Autism Speaks and Choose ‪#‎REDinstead‬ for Autism Acceptance Month.

Tone it Down Taupe is good too 😉

Blue BEWAREness colours to avoid are:

– Arctic Awareness
– Cobalt Burden
– Ableist Blue
– Epidemic Denim
– Indigo Atrocity
– Abhorrent Teal
– Shameful Stone
– Eugenic Spruce
– Aegan Disease
– Hateful Slate

Colours to embrace this month are:

– Rose Equality
– Scarlet Acceptance
– Crimson Inclusion
– Ruby Love Not Fear
– Garnet Acceptance

❤ The Bullshit Fairy x

Image description: a white square with 10 smaller blue squares and 5 smaller red squares of varying shades with the above names representing the hateful Autism $peaks LIUB campaign and the Red Instead campaign promoting Autism Acceptance this April.


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