Autistic People ARE Speaking, You Just Have To Listen

I received a message to my Facebook Page yesterday at The Bullshit Fairy and it’s one that I hear all to often.

I’m sure, well meaning people believe that the reason (or a significant reason) why we are discriminated against, is because we aren’t speaking out/loud enough.

That comment in itself is victim blaming. We didn’t shout loud enough so it’s our fault? Think about that for a moment in other scenarios.

I’m guessing that most people who say this statement, didn’t intend for their message to have this meaning, but that’s exactly what it is.

But back to what to  I want to focus my attention on – Autistic bloggers/writers.

I made a meme thingy, to have a joke about it, because I need a laugh, but like with all humour, there is a whole lot of truth to it.

A huge Thank You to Cas from Un-Boxed Brain for their help in compiling this list and for having a laugh with me about a very frustrating situation.

We *are* speaking. You just have to listen.

❤ The Bullshit Fairy


Image below is a picture that is meant to represent a Facebook Message Conversation. The first person, usually a followers writes in black text on the left side over a pale blue square:

“Approximately every third messagereceived at FB / The Autistic Bullshit Fairy:
I think that part of the problem is that autistics speaking out is quite rare.
There needs to be more autistic people writing blogs and telling their story.”

On the other side is a long pale grey rectangle with my reply:

“Hi! Thanks for your message. I’ve compiled a quick list of blogs written by autistic people. There are many more.” and I provided a list of 40 autistic bloggers added below:


**List updated September, 2017**

A new, more comprehensive list coming soon – but with sensitivity and focus on privacy – only easily found public links and brief description of each person/organisation will be added – and definitely no private/personal details.

If you prefer to not be included either list, please let me know.

Acting NT

A is for Autiste


Autistic Academic

Autistic Hoya

Autistic in Southwest Virginia  (inactive)

Autistic Vegan

Briannon Lee

The Bullshit Fairy

The Caffeinated Autistic

Chavisory Notebook

Cyborg Workshop

Emma Pretzel

Erin Human

Felis Autisticus

Field Notes on Allistics

Full Metal Heart

Giraffe Party

It’s Bridget’s Word

Judy Ednow

Just Stimming

Leia Solo

Michelle Sutton Writes

Musings of a Wandering Autistic


Neurodiversity in Russia   (Russian?)

Neurodivergencia Latina  (Spanish)



Parenting Autistic Children with Love and Acceptance

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking

Respectfully Connected

Suburban Autistics

The Teselecta Multiverse

Tiny Grace Notes (Ask an Autistic)

Un-Boxed Brain

Unstrange Mind

We Always Liked Picasso Anyway

We Are Like Your Child

Who Needs Normalcy

Yes That Too



3 thoughts on “Autistic People ARE Speaking, You Just Have To Listen

  1. … and that’s still an incredibly small list compared to the actual total number of Autistic bloggers out there, let alone Autistic people who are “speaking out” by other means too.


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