Autistic Genius and Cure Speak

I love that I’m noticing more people speaking up and against any of talk of a cure for Autism. But please make sure you’re using the right explanation.

When you tell people that autism shouldn’t be cured and support your argument by using examples of geniuses that were suspected or confirmed to be autistic, such as Newton, Mozart or Einstein, remember this:

Whilst those people had amazing success, our value shouldn’t be based on whether we achieve “greatness” and conform to society’s standards of worth.

We hold immense value by simply being human.

Autistic rights are human rights. We deserve the same right to life, inclusion, accessibility and support as anyone else.

❤ The Bullshit Fairy


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4 thoughts on “Autistic Genius and Cure Speak

  1. Correct. Been my thought for ages. Otherwise, us non-genius type are either expected to perform to such stereotypes, or we are not considered worthy if we fall short of the stereotype.


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