Man Generously Donates His Time to Perpetuate Damaging Stigma Against Autistic Children

CN: Awareness campaign that relates to autistic children locked in cages

Cauldwell Children have reported that a man has agreed to take part in the ‘Locked in for Autism’ campaign, which will see him living in full public view at the Tesco Extra store at Broadfields Retail Park in Aylesbury, where he has worked as a Dairy Customer Assistant since 2014.

This self gratifying individual will begin his self-imposed exile for the poor autistic children at 10am on Wednesday 30th March, and if successful, will leave the 3m x 2m glass compound at Noon on Friday 1st April, reaffirming that Autism Parents™ are suffering because of their disabled children. He is very much looking forward to perpetuating damaging stigma and creating BEWAREness and further public misunderstanding of autism.

This eager to help ally understands that some parents of autistic children have told the charity that they feel like the glass box is a really powerful metaphor to use. One Autism Mom™ allegedly said, “I love how it really shows that we really have no idea about our children and it’s important to fuel the myth that there is actually a real child in there.”

Another parent also allegedly commented, “Often autistic children are locked away so they don’t have to be dealt with so this is a great reminder of that.”

‘’I know parents of autistic children have told the charity that the glass box is a really powerful metaphor for the condition. Being stared at from all directions, whilst being isolated and finding it difficult to communicate, is often how those living with autism feel!’’

Another Autism Mom™ allegedly said, “Let’s add ice to represent how cold and unempathetic they are!” But they weren’t able to find a sponsor to provide enough ice in time for the event.

Caudwell Children will be enabling this helping helper through his 50 hour challenge, with ableist staff and ignorant volunteers on hand to share harmful information with the public and share the “support” provided through the Autistic Children’s Therapies programme, which provides a variety of abusive therapies and activities such as “intervention” with the intention of making the child less autistic and more “normal.”

Autistic people have voiced their disgust over this campaign, but as typical of these types of organisations, their focus is on the parents and growing their business.

~ The Bullshit Fairy

Locked-in-for-autism-Facebook-Cover-Aylesbury 2

Disclaimer: This is all alleged and perceived information / satire. Who knows what is true anymore. Maybe I’m not even real….?


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