Autism Mom™ reports that she is “part of autism”

Earlier today, after seeing a post on The Bullshit Fairy’s facebook page, that protests mothers of autistic children taking on their child’s diagnosis as their own and referring to themselves as Autism Moms™; One of these mothers declared that she was entitled to use this name for herself, disregarding how #actuallyautistic people feel.

She began by stating that she doesn’t agree with this perspective of using the term Autism Mom™,  and announced that because her autistic son is part of her,  she is therefore “part of Autism.”


2016-03-30 Autism Mom Troll ss2


After being questioned by other autistic people, she reported she had a stroke a few years ago and “suffered a lot of the same conditions” as her autistic son and said, “So YES, I KNOW what it is like to be autistic without the label.”

I assume the doctors at the hospital where she was treated for stroke were not able to provide her with an autism diagnosis/label at the time. I am also unsure as to whether she is still “suffering” from autism or autism-like symptoms.

She also reported that this serious medical emergency “was the best experience I have had as a mother” and had given her the ability to “walk in his shoes.”

She also finished off with saying, “I truly have empathy for these people.” I assume her words “these people” are referring to autistic people and how she views them.


2016-03-30 Autism Mom Troll ss1


Sadly, this self-labelled Autism Mom™ decided to abruptly leave the facebook page when I and fellow autistics attempted to gain a clearer understanding of her logic around this phenomenon of Autism and Stroke having the same “conditions” and also how it is possible for her to have the same lived experience as her son, despite him being a separate being to her.

I will keep you updated with any further response while I wait with bated breath.

❤ The Bullshit Fairy x

2 thoughts on “Autism Mom™ reports that she is “part of autism”

  1. As someone who’s both Autistic and a stroke survivor*, does that make me doubly Autistic…like Super Autistic? Does that mean I have the power to vito her self-appointed autism? As frankly she can go fuck herself twice.

    (*and no, they’re not comparable)


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