Awareness Hurts Us

To friends of ours who are yet to understand why we are so fiercely advocating for Autistic Rights… [from my personal page]
“I saw this on Twitter last night and shared it on my page (The Bullshit Fairy on Facebook).
I woke this morning to see 4 hours later, it had 150 likes/sadness reactions and almost as many shares (for my page this is a lot). People are clearly hurting.
This is essentially how real autistic people feel about autistic awareness. It feels to us, as BEWAREness.
If you’d like to ask more, comment below, send me a PM, go look at my page and see what other autistic people are saying.
Awareness hurts us.
We want acceptance.
Please choose ‪#‎redinstead‬ this April.”
❤ The Bullshit Fairy x
2016-03-29 autistic feels on twitter _awareness harms

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