(ABA) Autistic Conversion Therapy

I’ll say it again… Fuck ABA.

Let’s call it out for what it really is:

ABA Autistic Conversion Therapy - Amy Sequenzia

“I propose that every time we write or talk about ABA, that we also write or say: Autistic Conversion Therapy.

Gay Conversion Therapy has a bad reputation now, even if it still happens.

Both “treatments” (tortures) have the same root.
I want the supporters of ABA to own their objective.

ABA: Autistic Conversion Therapy that uses torturous methods”

~ Amy Sequenzia

Further reading here:


1. From Radical Neurodivergence Speaking,  this is the first post in a series written by an ABA survivor:  “Indistinguishable From Peers-an introduction”

Thank you to Unboxed-Brain for the above link 🙂

2. From Autism Women’s Network: “My Thoughts on ABA” www.autismwomensnetwork.org/my-thoughts-on-aba

3.  Ink and Daggers Illustration: TW* Child Abuse



4. From Socially Anxious Advocate “Why I Left ABA”

5. From Autism Women’s Network, by Amy Sequenzia “My Thoughts on ABA”

6. From Felis Autisticus “The ME Book and My Autistic Reading”

7. From Suburban Autistics ” “Real Science” and ABA. ”

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