Why Not Blue? Boycott Autism Speaks

Why Not Blue?

Why Not Blue? Boycott Autism Speaks

Every April, most of the world takes part in the Autism Speaks’ campaign to Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness Month.

Most autistic people despise Autism Speaks for a number of reasons but the main one being they are a hate group that wants to cure and prevent all autistic people through eugenics.

The Autism Speaks brand colour is blue.
They also use the puzzle piece and light globe symbol in their campaign.

To autistic people, if you Light It Up Blue in April, purposefully wear Blue, you are supporting Autism Speaks.

The below image reads:

Wearing Blue or Lighting It Up Blue during April is like wearing White to a wedding and saying to the bride, “Sorry! But White doesnt mean that to me.”


Blue represents Autism Speaks, a hate group who all through April their message is: “We wish people like you didn’t exist and we are trying to prevent people like you from existing in the future” 


Don't Light It Up Blue, Go #REDinstead for Autism Acceptance



In the autistic community there are a variety of movements to combat the blue, such as #REDinstead for Autism ACCEPTANCE rather than Awareness. A lot of us feel that Awareness is really just a BEWAREness campaign made to fear autism yet made look “pretty” much like inspiration porn.

There is also Town it Down Taupe and other causes and colours as an alternative.

Just please, whatever you do this April, please don’t use Blue and support this vile, hateful organisation.

❤ The Bullshit Fairy x



To learn more about Autism Speaks, take a look at the below links:

Boycott Autism Speaks – Facebook Page

Boycott Autism Speaks – Amy Sequenzia – Autism Speaks Hurts. Real People Speaking.

The Caffeinated Autistic – Autism Speaks Master Post

Small But Kinda Mighty – Why I Don’t Support Autism Speaks (which is why I don’t Light It Up Blue)

How Autistic Feels – Hate Speech and Eugenics 


and for a definition of Eugenics, origins and more, please see this website:

Eugenics and Other Evils – The True Story of a Past and Present Danger 

Or see my blog post, E is for Eugenics

One thought on “Why Not Blue?

  1. Around April 2014 (being diagnosed in june 2017) I used to have respect and embrace color blue for autism.
    Now seeing that it is mostly an allistic/Auti$m Mom$ thuing rather than an authentic autie initiative, I go for REDistead from now on.

    I might be one of the few autistics to choose REDistead over Blue in France my country.

    PS:LOVE YOU BS Fairy =3


    Liked by 1 person

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