Dear Tone Police

The Bullshit Fairy Quote - Notepad Tone Police I Am Here

My thoughts in response to the recent comments on my Facebook page that I should stop swearing and “be nice.”


Dear Tone Police,

Yes I am angry. And fuck yes, I will swear.

I am part of the wave of rebellion that is bringing equality for all.

I have seen the truth about autistic children being abused and killed.

I am horrified that people empathise with these murderers and abusers.

I, like many others, have experienced discrimination purely because I am not seen as equal.

I hear almost daily about cures and how I am a burden upon society.

But you want me to mind my P’s and Q’s?


I didn’t come here to make friends and play nice.

I came here to say we deserve more.


I came here to burn your puzzle piece and light the way for acceptance.

I came here to hold up a mirror to your ignorance and a spotlight on your privilege.

I came here to hold the truth of anyone who doesn’t believe they are enough – because you are.


Now please tell me, what on earth makes you think I give a fuck about your opinion and whether you are offended by my use of curse words?


~ The Bullshit Fairy


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