H is for Hate

CN: Hate, abuse of autistic people

This one has been difficult for me write. I am still in those early stages of disbelief where I cannot quite fully believe, that I am hated purely because I’m autistic.

But I know it’s true.

I see how people treat me. Respond to me. Particularly if I need support and can’t speak well or at all. No this isn’t everyone, but it’s most people I come into contact with.

The days where I can’t communicate well, I don’t leave the house. Not because I don’t want to go out. But because if I have to speak/communicate or interact with anyone, I’ll be more than likely confronted with, at the very minimum, frustration and rudeness.

Yes. *They* are frustrated because *I* am having trouble speaking. How awful for them. <snark>


But there has been a positive side to realising this. It has liberated me to know that it isn’t personal. Because they don’t know me. They are ignorantly judging me simply on how I compare to “normal” and therefore deciding I hold less value.

Harmful and so deeply hurtful yes, but it’s not about me – this is about them.


Autistic Hoya writes here about the hatred autistic people are subject to:

“This is the kind of hatred that justifies murder and rape and confinement and abuse and torture.”

Some of you might read the above sentence and think it’s an exaggeration. Nope. Not at all. A quick google of “hate” and “autism” quickly shows you what the world thinks of us. Facebook hate groups and pages that mock autistic people are often popping up.

You can read more of Autistic Hoya’s article here: How They Hate Us


H is for Hate - Autism Acceptance Month


This image above, is the first four lines of “It’s Time To Accept They Hate You” by Michael Scott Monje. Jr from Shaping Clay.

I’m not saying this to any one of us, but this is what comes to us,
Being expected to be educating everyone in the way they find most comfortable
While they say we have deficits, we aren’t eloquent, or we’re dangerous,
It’s the “acceptable” way of letting others know they hate us. 

I would like to invite to read the rest of these powerful words, here.

Another article by Selene DePackh from Autistic Tsunami, here:
“They Want Us To Die: You Wouldn’t Believe How Many People Hate Those Of Us With Autism”

My apologies if this post is disjointed or grammatically a mess. This was a very difficult one to write but something I would like to examine further.

❤ The Bullshit Fairy x

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