Zebras, Buckets and Cures

The Bullshit Fairy Quote _Zebra bucket cure v2
And in the theme of C for Cure for Autism Acceptance Month…
“But I know my friend’s sister’s zebra’s brother-in-law’s bucket who was cured from Autism!”
It makes no sense, does it?
Neither does trying to cure someone’s neurology.
So it can’t be cured. But ignorance can be!
Get informed.
Listen to autistic people!
Ask questions.
Listen to autistic people!
And most importantly LISTEN to autistic people.
The Bullshit Fairy x
Image Description: Image is a white square with a multicoloured watercolour border with the above text and a surprised and shocked look animated zebra, Marty from the Madagascar children’s movies. At the bottom is The Bullshit Fairy logo and the website address www.thebullshitfairy.com.au

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