Child Abuse Is Never Ok

The Bullshit Fairy Quote - Child Abuse is not ok


There is no excuse for abuse.

In response to Autism Awareness Australia’s post about a mother chaining her child to a bed and leaving them at home alone while she went out grocery shopping – which they justified because the child is Autistic.

Image: Black background with the text: “It’s not ok to abuse a child,” then this next part of the sentence is purposely crossed out, “unless they are Autistic.”

2015-11-10 Autism Awareness

“A horrific story…..for everyone involved. Whilst no parent should do this to their child, we can only imagine the desperate situation this woman must have found herself in.

This is a time for compassion not condemnation. This mother must have felt so isolated, let’s not isolate her further.

This is yet another case of the appalling lack of services across Australia. Surely we can do better.

We will be appearing on Sunrise on Channel 7 at 7.15am to discuss.”


Please write on the Sunrise Facebook wall or Tweet to Sunrise and ask them to reconsider interviewing Nicole Rogerson from Autism Awareness Australia tomorrow (11th November 2015) at 7.15am in the morning.

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