“Oh, but….”

Dear Allistic people (people who are not Autistic)

I appreciate that you are here and listening to my message and I can see some of you are upset, but please stop saying “but”.

When someone, anyone, takes the time to share with you about something that hurts them, or frightens them, or makes them sad – and you reply with “Oh but…..” it invalidates everything they’ve just said.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t hurt by racist comments.
Or you aren’t afraid of dogs.
Or sad about a football team losing.
Or you didn’t mean it that way.

The fact is, is that is how we feel.
You can’t tell someone how they feel.

And yes, I’m just one autistic person. But you can see here there’s a lot of other autistic people here too, who were once autistic children, that feel the same.

There is no “but”.

What you are saying or doing, is hurting us.

~ The Bullshit Fairy x

The Bullshit Fairy Quote - There Is No But

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