E is for Eugenics

E is for Eugenics
[Autism Acceptance Month]

Eugenics - Boycott Autism Speaks - Autism Acceptance Month

Eugenics, in this context, is the deliberate research into the identification of genetic markers for autism with the goal of prevention, as it is seen by those who participate, to be a genetic defect and undesirable trait.

Autism Speaks says they are “dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a possible cure for autism”.


To read more about Eugenics and Autism Speaks, please see the below links:

Boycott Autism Speaks – Amy Sequenzia – Autism Speaks Hurts. Real People Speaking.

The Caffeinated Autistic – Autism Speaks Master Post

Small But Kinda Mighty – Why I Don’t Support Autism Speaks (which is why I don’t Light It Up Blue)

How Autistic Feels – Hate Speech and Eugenics 


and for a definition of Eugenics, origins and more, please see this website:

Eugenics and Other Evils – The True Story of a Past and Present Danger 


❤ The Bullshit Fairy


Image Description: Image is a white background with approximately a 1″ strip of red watercolour running on the left. On this strip, at the bottom there’s a large letter E and the text in smaller writing “Autism Acceptance Month”.

On the white section, the word “Eugenics” is written in large black letters with the quote from as above in smaller black letters. The hashtag REDinstead is displayed in the top right, in red letters. The Bullshit Fairy logo and the website address www.thebullshitfairy.com.au appear at the bottom of the image.

6 thoughts on “E is for Eugenics

  1. On their website, Autism speaks admits they are looking for a genetic marker for Autism. I can’t stand that organization. Go red instead. But have you noticed how quiet those light it up blue losers been this month? Strange considering it’s April.


    1. hey, i know i’m late to this party. i’m age 40 and just received my diagnosis on the heels of both my kids (age 10 and 12) being diagnosed. i’m trying to learn all i can. where’s the negative in identifying a gene marker for autism? for example i’ve recently learned about the MTHFR gene mutation which is common to autistics and causes poor processing of folic acid and b vitamins. i’m feeling better on methylated folate and b12. this kind of research can be helpful to us.
      i guess i want to make sure we’re on the same page… for example, in the statement above, “causes, prevention, treatments and a possible cure,” i’m not okay with the words “prevention” and “cure” … but we’re okay with causes and treatments, right?
      i guess i have a lot of physical symptoms associated with being autistic (i was previously diagnosed with fibromyalgia and now realize that it was just autism), and i’d love to have some treatment/improvement for those…. but obviously NOT at the expense of the benefits: the way my brain works and processes information, the connections i see in data, my pragmatism.
      sorry to be so long-winded…. just curious about this debate. thanks.


      1. I am totally against all forms of genocide and murder. And you are not who and what you claim to be.


      2. i’m exactly who and what i claimed to be: a newly diagnosed, uneducated aspie looking for dialogue and clarification.
        way to shut down someone looking to engage.
        no worries though — i’ve done a lot more reading since my original post in november and i think we’re on the same page.


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