And It All Started With a Thigh Gap

I remember my first post on The Bullshit Fairy. It was actually a post that I had written for my own personal page, to have a laugh about the elusive thigh gap.

I remember trying so desperately not to laugh, but my hand kept trembling while I was giggling away, drawing the lines coming out of my “thigh gap.”

The Bullshit Fairy - Thigh Gap 1

And then it just sort of grew. And I could see how hurt and angry people were about society telling us to look a certain way.

I enjoyed creating this page of anarchy. I had recently left an abusive relationship so it was perfect for me to hold this metaphorical middle finger to word and say FUCK. YOU. I am – and we are – perfect as is, thank you very much.

The Bullshit Fairy Quote No_58 Society be like this 500px

But weight is only one way the world tells me I’m wrong.

I’m also disabled. I am autistic.

So I created two facebook pages. One to call out the bullshit on the weightloss and beauty industry (here) and one to speak up about autistic rights and human rights (here).

This has made me realise that ableism affects my life more profoundly than my weight ever did. This is not to say that discrimination against weight is not an important issue. It is. But it’s not where my heart truly is right now.

After joining the neurodiversity community towards the end of last year I have found my people. My home. My place. I am honoured to have been accepted here.

It has been an incredibly confronting time, learning about the truth of how not only autistic people are treated, but also transgender people, people of colour and other marginalised groups.

I read this quote recently:

“The wound is the place the light enters you.”

And it’s so true. Whilst being The Bullshit Fairy has been incredibly tough at times, it also gives me the opportunity to heal and amazingly, I think it’s helping others do the same.

I still have great passion to advocate for the body rebellion so I’m sure you’ll see me around again.

But after taking a break for a few months because it all got too much, I’ve realised, my heart belongs in the neurodiversity movement.

So thank you to everyone who has supported me, on both of my pages. I will be hiding or removing the other one shortly (The Bullshit Fairy ~ Body Rebellion)

I have found my home – and there’s no place like it.

❤ The Bullshit Fairy

The Bullshit Fairy _There's No Place Like Home


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